Leslie Knope is Feminism

Yo Wonder Woman, imma let you finish but Leslie Knope is one of the greatest feminist heroes of all time.


Perfect in almost every way, complete with waffle addiction and competitive spirit, that can at times verge on hostility, Leslie is the character that taught me about local advocacy, the power of small government and how positivity and encouragement are leadership tools worth investing in.


This tiny, blonde haired City Councillor rewrote the rules of what it is to be a type A, high energy leading lady, winning people over with her thoughtfulness and gift giving skills.

No episode of anything ever has inspired me in the same way the episode of Parks and Recreation, where Leslie and April become garbage collectors, did. I remember Knope’s determination and commitment to prove women belonged in the Pawnee sanitation department. Never have I wanted to help lift a fridge so much in my life.


Worth checking out season 5, episode 11 of Parks and Recreation, Women in Garbage, along with every other episode of the Emmy award winning show…

And remember, “Google Earth…. always taking pics.”


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