The Bush Administration

Sophia Bush breaks down birth control and continues to advocate for women’s rights.

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A lot of people have asked me why I want to have this conversation. Ladies. It’s time our bodies and how we care for them stop being paper-bag-bottom-shelf discussions. How we regulate our bodies is how we family plan, how we make space for growing careers — shout out to all the current SHEOs out there and all the ones pushing to that level — for college and masters degrees, for the Peace Corps, or a year of travel. The list goes on. Sovereignty over our bodies is sovereignty over our lives. Men have it because men’s schedules can’t get derailed the way ours can. So. Control = Freedom. Control = Equality. Control can = Gender Parity. Let’s stop acting like it’s an issue that is secret. We are 51% of the population. Let’s stop hiding. Shout it from the rooftops. Odds are a helluva lot of people who can hear you also take some form of birth control. No need to be embarrassed or change the subject. Same goes for periods, btw. Let’s bury the taboo. We good.


Sophia Bush talks to Cosmopolitan about Birth Control here

We have to shift the conversation to include men, which means it shouldn’t be about girls wanting to be sexually active and not get pregnant or girls being promiscuous as certain arenas of old white guys in suits would like to tell us. Like, slow down, bro. The real point of having a birth-control conversation is talking about how a woman, whether she’s single or has a partner, gets to plan her life. For instance, if you’re in a master’s program, you might not want to have a kid until after that’s done. We should be looking at birth control as an education issue and a workforce issue. If men could get pregnant, the birth-control conversation would be incredibly different.



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