Yemen’s Mothers

Mothers all across Yemen are scrambling to keep their children healthy while surrounded by the worst outbreak of Cholera in history. Over 1million cases have been reported. More than 2,000 people are already dead. It is just one of Yemens returning medieval diseases, diseases that are easily prevented by access to modern medicine and clean drinking water, two things affected by the civil war.

This is happening at the same time I take my oral Cholera vaccine from the safety of Australia. A vaccine that requires simply drinking a glass of water with a small amount of medicine. Something that makes prevention seem so easy and makes the current Yemen situation seem so irresponsible.

These people urgently need help.


At this time, Yemen is perhaps the worst place to grow up. Children are at risk of death from collateral damage, disease and famine. Outside of these threats, children as young as ten, are being recruited as soldiers. They are constantly battling for survival and their mothers are their first line of defence. Help support the children and women of Yemen by financially backing those on the ground with aid. No one in this world should die of Cholera.

Donate through the International Rescue Committee here

Donate through UNICEF here

Learn more about the Yemen Cholera Outbreak from the WHO here

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