Period. End of Sentence


While the Oscars usually represents something glitzy and glamorous, this year they are nominating a short film with a subject that is anything but.

Period. End of Sentence is nominated in the 91st Academy Awards for Best Short Film. The film showcases life in a small Indian village where women are rising up and producing sanitary pads to assist with the issue of menstruation. At The Cova Project, we offer to assist African girls and women with access to menstrual cups, to help ease their financial burden each month. Girls without access to safe sanitary products are often encouraged to stay home and not participate in day to day life while on their periods.

Period. End of Sentence, depicts a different strategy. The women get their hands on production equipment and create their very own brand of pads called ‘Free’. They, alongside advocates and allies, aim to turn India into a 100% pad using country (currently only 10% of women in India can afford pads). The women not only create a solution for girls in the area but an industry to employ themselves, providing brilliant side effects of independence, self respect and pride.

Watching this 25 minute short film is a glimpse into the lives and struggles of those living in developing communities without appropriate sanitary supplies. In the world we live in today, no girl or woman should have to sit on the sidelines because of a burden she can not control, especially when simple solutions exist.

For more information on Period. End of Sentence go to or watch the film on Netflix.

And to learn about our work at The Cova Project, click here

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